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Your LED menus need to have a maintenance support , and you're not quite sure why. You could try tinkering with your device, or let a Geek Squad Agent at a Best Buy store save you from head-scratching frustration. We'll diagnose and fix whatever ails your computer, back up data and install security software so your device is in good working order.

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Service Features:
  • Make a complete diagnostic of your device's hardware and software to assess the health of your computer
  • Perform any fixes required to repair your device, such as removing viruses, reinstalling your operating system, driver or hardware, and more, so your computer runs without a hitch
  • One year of online support to help take care of any issues that may crop up later
  • Back up data and/or transfer data to another device to ensure you don't lose any critical files
  • Migrate the data to the correct folders (if applicable) so you know where to look for them
  • Import email and contacts (if applicable and possible)

Please note: Hardware and parts are not included unless specifically mentioned above.

How to Prepare for Your In-store Service:

  • Bring the device that requires service
  • If the device is a computer (desktop or laptop, PC or Mac), please bring along any system discs and required accessories like power adapters, specialty cables, and batteries.